Contact Information

Given the Foundation’s size and limited staff time, proposals are accepted by invitation only. Please do not send unsolicited proposals. Contact the Foundation to discuss your project if you believe it furthers the goals of the Foundation and will achieve the Foundation’s stated outcomes.

Interim Foundation Manager
Douen (Duey) Kol
Levitt Foundation
c/o GMA Foundations

Board of Directors

Kwaku Driskell, Director
Amy V. Goldberg, Treasurer and Director
Colvin W. Grannum, Director
Hilda H. Polanco, Secretary and Director
Kristin Reynolds, President and Director
Isaac Torres, Director

Emeritus Directors

John M. Brickman
Prudence Brown
Carlos Garcia-Tunon
Tracy Green Landauer
Loren S. Harris
Elaine S. Hutchinson
Anne Kubisch
Stephen J. Mathes
Blondel Pinnock
Gregg Walker

Levitt Foundation: (from left to right): Kwaku Driskell, Amy Goldberg, Tracy Green Landauer, Barbara Greenberg, Kristin Reynolds, Isaac Torres, Carlos Garcia-Tunon, Blondel Pinnock, Gregg Walker, and Colvin Grannum.